Friday, September 21, 2007

Yello Peril Bites the Dust

My Life........ Could today get any better?
Thirty two next month. Sold my house and living back with my dad! Today someone thought it would be a good idea to ram my car up the backside. No more car. The Yellow peril has to be scrapped since the whole right side has been shunted to the left! Along with my neck! I would have said halelujah except the car was paid for and I could have got as much trade in this year as next which means naff all in insurance. Guess its too late to ask for someone to burn it ...joke!

So, how's life at 32 back with your dad when you left home at 18 you might ask?....amusing! Since he's 60 and has more of a social life than me! Of course my big night out was supposed to be tomorrow but now i will be staying in with some muscle rub and ibuprofen!

Things could be worse....I could be a dog to boot lol x

Doctor says its tomorrow when i will feel the pain so i will keep you posted....possibly jabbing the keys via a pen deposited in my mouth haha x